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27 / 10 / 2020

How to: Self Taping for Kids

written by
Rhiannon Bond

What with Covid-19 changing the landscape for most industries, we must learn to adapt! For child modelling and acting, more than ever, brands are asking for self tapes in replacement for in-person castings.

Self tapes can be a little tricky, especially if it’s your first time creating one or your child is young. 



So, How do I Make a Self Tape?

This is where Ruth Galliers steps in! 

“Self tapes are the new norm so if you want to book jobs you are going to have to get good at them! As a professional actress with nearly 20 years experience, I have done hundreds of self tapes and want to help you get the best results possible when the castings come in.”

Ruth is ready and on hand to help with your kids self tapes whether they are teens, babies or little toddlers!


Ruth has started up a service to help your kids get their self tape right first time! 

“All done via zoom I can read in with you, prep your performance, help you get the set up right and give advice on delivery and positioning. If you don’t have the necessary computer program to stitch scenes/takes together and add a name card at the beginning and end of your self tape, I can also do this for you and send it back to you totally finished to forward on to the casting director or agent.”

This fantastic service is available through Ruth for just £30 for an hour session. Fully aware of how little time is often given for self-tapes Ruth is available to contact whenever. Her details are listed below:

[email protected]




You can be assured that you’re in good hands with Ruth. An actress since childhood, Ruth attended Sylvia Young Theatre School  at 13 years old and then continued her drama training at Guilford School of Acting on a 3 year BA honours course. 


“Since leaving GSA in 2002 I have been working continuously as an actress mainly in commercials but also in TV, film and the corporate world.”


Commercial reel 2020 from Ruth Galliers on Vimeo.


To check out Ruth’s page and see her work click here!

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written by Rhiannon Bond

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