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28 / 03 / 2020

FAQ's for parents

written by
Rhiannon Bond

We thought it would be helpful to put together a few questions that we are asked regularly by parents considering getting their child into modelling or acting.....


How can my child join Sandra Reynolds?

Sandra Reynolds’ books are always open for lovely new children to apply. We don’t accept walk-in appointments, but fill out our online application which can be found on our website under ‘join our agency’. Under 16's applying themselves should have their parent or guardian’s permission before proceeding with their application. Although we would really love to reply to everyone, we do receive hundreds of applications on a weekly basis and therefore we can only contact you if we are interested in taking your application further.  If we do this, the next step will be to arrange a meeting between yourself, your child and the bookers here at SR to have a chat and take casting shots to see how your child works in front of the camera. Please do not feel disheartened should you not hear back from us, your child's look may just not have been right for us at this time.


What is licensing and how does it work?

Whenever a child still of compulsory school age is being considered for a job, their local authority needs to issue a Child Performance Licence in order for them to participate. Part of the licence is to receive consent from the child’s school for their absence should the shoot fall during term time and require them to have time off. This is a Government requirement that is put in place to ensure the safety of the child is a priority as well as protecting them by limiting the amount of hours they are on set, and the number of breaks they have during this time. It also requires the production company running the shoot to ensure that there is a suitable chaperone on set, per child, at all times. This can be either a parent/guardian or an outsourced chaperone licenced by the local authority.

Children who have reached the end of their statutory education do not require a licence.


Will castings and shoots be at weekends only?

In an ideal world, all castings and shoots would take place on a weekend or during half term. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the majority of jobs as, understandably, the producers, crew and others organising and working on the shoot do not normally want to work on their days off. Although this can sometimes be frustrating for parents as having time off school isn’t always ideal or easy to get, this is certainly something to consider before applying to an agency. Whilst it’s not compulsory for you to attend every single casting that you are put forward for (although this would be ideal!!) there is a certain amount of commitment we will need to have from you. As you can imagine, a lot of groundwork is put in by the bookers even before the casting stage, so having good availability is key. We will always try to give you as much notice as possible prior to a shoot or casting, however, please understand that sometimes this isn’t always possible, the industry itself is very fast-paced and consequently sometimes quite last minute!


Should I be paying money for a portfolio? 

This is something you certainly have to be very aware of, there is a very thin line between companies scamming people out of hundreds of pounds for a few unsuitable photos, and those photographers who have taken lovely images and simply require some kind of payment for their time (understandably!).  Doing your homework, reading online reviews and (above all) using your common sense before proceeding with these photoshoots is highly recommended.

In order to apply to SR you DO NOT need professional photographs - we just want to see recent clear images that are in good lighting and against a plain background at home. These can be taken on a camera or a phone – whatever you have.  We are not ‘affiliated’ with any other agency, studio, photographer or anyone else who may tell you they are recruiting for us (normally then asking you to pay for images they need to take to enable them to put you forward to us).  These are scams.

Once we have met you, should we feel that your look is suited to the agency we will then start to work on building your portfolio, either by taking the images ourselves at one of our casting days, sending you to test shoots, or receiving images back from jobs you have booked.


What kind of jobs do you work on and how much can my child expect to get paid?

Sandra Reynolds work on all kinds of amazing filming and photographic briefs, so our clients vary massively on a daily basis! One day we could be working on a fantastic car commercial which pays £2000, the next, a very lovely fashion shoot with a small budget of £100.  We can never predict how our days will pan out, and that’s what we love most about the industry! We are fortunate enough to work with some lovely clients; TUI, Nintendo, Orchard Toys, Sainsbury’s, Start Rite & Ford to name just a few.

Of course, all clients have different budgets for their projects and fees depend upon various things such as where the pictures will be used and for how long, but here at SR we will always try our best to accommodate both ends of the scale. The payment that the model will receive is completely dependent upon these budgets, but you will always be advised of the fee clear to you by your booker prior to you confirming your availability for the job.


Do I need to live in London?

Whilst 70% of the jobs and castings that we send our models to are in London, it isn’t compulsory for you to live there as long as you are willing to travel.

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written by Rhiannon Bond

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