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What To Expect From An SRJ Casting

written by
Georgia Butler

Sandra Reynolds Model Bookers Daisy and Georgia


Hello, we're Model Bookers Daisy & Georgia, and we're excited to introduce our new social and blog series, "Spill The Tea," where we'll be delving into the details of the commercial modelling industry and sharing our insights and expertise. Whether you're a modelling pro or just getting started, our aim is to provide valuable information and tips to help you navigate the world of commercial modelling and acting, as well as information about our own agency's processes. So, sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the fascinating aspects of this dynamic industry.   If you would you prefer to view our Q&A video please CLICK HERE.


In today's blog, we are speaking to our Head of new faces, Katie Barnes, about what you can expect from an SRJ casting day...


Georgia:  What do talent need to bring to a new faces casting day?

Katie: Everyone will be emailed with a clothing brief of everything that they'll need to bring. It will be very dependent on what you've already got in your book. Make sure you read the details carefully and arrive prepared. You'll also need to bring any hair (and makeup, if you are an adult) items so that you can touch up between looks.

Sandra Reynolds Juniors Casting Day

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Daisy: So how long does a typical new faces casting session with us last?

Katie: It's a very busy day - we normally aim to have you in and out within 30 minutes. However, It's very dependent on what we need to shoot with you and what images you already have. We try to be as organised as possible, so there isn't usually a wait, however, some things are out of our control, so we recommend having space in your day surrounding your appointment in case there is a short wait time. Another tip is to bring something calming for your child to keep them occupied, such as a nice book to read.


Georgia: Would you say the casting day is any different for Junior Talent and Families?

Katie: Yes, it can vary for Juniors and Families, we like our children to meet and work with our juniors bookers, and we also are looking for the children to have a really good time with us on the day, so we'll make it as fun as we can. We're going to shoot two or three different looks and just make sure that we're getting the very best out of the child during their time with us.

Child Model Agency Casting Day

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Georgia: When a new face arrives at their casting session, what can they expect whilst they wait?

Katie: You can use this time to be prepared, you can touch up your hair (and makeup, if you are an adult) and we also might ask you to film some behind-the-scenes footage. 


Daisy: Are there any specific documents or items that the models need to bring to the casting?

Katie: The model will need to bring all their images with them for the bookers to review. There will also be some legal document requirements they'll need to arrive with to prove their identity and their right to work in the UK. Just make sure you read your confirmation email thoroughly and make sure you arrive prepared, as this will help streamline the casting process and ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.


Daisy: Do you have any extra tips just to help the talent make the most of their casting day experience?

Katie: Absolutely! Read the details in full, arrive prepared, just be yourself and most importantly have fun, and let your personality shine through during the casting process. It's also important to engage with the team and ask questions if you're unsure about anything; we're here to support you. You can message us on our socials HERE. 


Thank you for tuning in to today's "Spill The Tea" blog session with our Head of New Faces, Katie. We hope you found her insights on SRJ's new faces casting sessions informative and helpful. Remember, preparation is key. Read your email thoroughly, bring your full portfolio, and don't forget to arrive with all the necessary items, but most importantly, have fun during your casting day! We'll be back with more exciting industry insights and tips in our upcoming social episodes and blog posts soon, so stay tuned.

If you would like to apply to join our agency, please CLICK HERE. 

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written by Georgia Butler

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