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News From The Booking Desk: August and September

written by
Jessica Tracey

The ground floor of our building is home to the Sandra Reynolds team of bookers and is always a buzzing hive of activity... Each month we share a little bit of news from the booking desk, so read on to find out what we have been up to recently!

This blog post is an exciting one...


Sandra Reynolds Team Photo June 23


We have been listening to: We have had BBC Radio One on recently, enjoying how the genre changes throughout the day. 

We have been reading: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow - a book about friendship, creativity and collaboration.

A book for the juniors: Guinness World Records 2024.

A few favourite brands we've worked with: Specsavers, Ford, Haven, Beko, Joseph Joseph, Amazon, Travelodge, Hilton Hotels, Mcvities, Adidas, Sainsburys TU, Smyths, Nestle, Footlocker and Marriot (just to name a few!)

A fun memory: At our casting days, we often find drawings from our Junior Models on the whiteboards! Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see! 





Over the summer, we had a casting day held every month in our London studios, we were in our element and so were our models! We met lots of lovely new faces that have now been added to our divisions. Meeting all of our new talent in person gives us a chance to see what they're like in front of the camera and get to know them better.

We also introduced some new elements to our casting days, which were Polaroids for our new face models to take home to remember their day by. We were lucky to have a chat with some of our new faces, make sure to stay tuned across our socials to get the latest information and top tips directly from our talent themselves.

Sandra Reynolds New Faces Models




We would like to say congratulations to our Junior talent Zarian Marcel for his role in Matilda the Musical as Bruce. We caught up with Zarian Marcel to see what it's like on the big stage... 

SR: "Please introduce yourself and let us know how you got into acting?"

ZARIAN MARCEL: "My name is Zarian Marcel Obatarhe and I am 11 years old and I have been acting since I was a little boy and I loved it so much that I then asked my Mummy to help me audition for theatre roles."

SR: "What’s your favourite part of being an actor?"

ZARIAN MARCEL: "I love being on stage and helping people to see the character that they love come to life. I also love that I get to meet new people."

SR: "What’s it like to be in Matilda the Musical, do you have a favourite memory so far?"

ZARIAN MARCEL: "It is very fun and I love it, I love playing Bruce and showing how a timid child can turn into a strong child with the right people around them. My favourite memory so far is my first show."

SR: "What was your first show like?"

ZARIAN MARCEL: "It was amazing, exciting and so much fun, all at the same time. We had such a great show as a team and I will never forget it."

Sandra Reynolds Junior Model Zarian Marcel is Bruce in Matilda the Musical



September saw the launch of our new social series 'Daisy and G, Spill the Tea'. In episode one, model bookers Daisy & G explore some frequently asked questions that the booking desk often receives, such as, "How to apply to the agency?", "What do we look for in a model?" and "What is Pay Next Day?". Make sure to tune in to the first episode on our Instagram and TikTok profiles, for a quick link CLICK HERE. 

In episode two, Daisy & G will be exploring the topic of 'What to expect from an SR casting day.', with an exclusive Q&A interview with our Head of New Faces, Katie Barnes, featuring all of your top questions. Episode two will launch in October, so keep your eyes on our socials! 

Sandra Reynolds Model Bookers Daisy & G



Recently, we have been working closely with our models to provide some more behind-the-scenes content, giving you an insight into what it's like to be an SRJ Junior Model or Family. Transparency is very important to us here at Sandra Reynolds Juniors, so we want to be able to show our talented models and actors' experiences directly from them. 

Check out some behind-the-scenes of a recent shoot with the Mhlanga Family HERE. 

Sandra Reynolds Juniors Recent Work



While most of our scouting happens in the digital realm through our model and actor applications, as well as on our social media platforms where we use the hashtags #ScoutMeSR & #ScoutMeSRJ, we also relish the opportunity to scout in person. Whether it's at our London office and studios or our Head Office in Norwich, our team enjoys the personal touch. In August, our Senior Model Booker, Georgia, and Juniors Model Booker, Poppy, hit the streets of Norwich to discover some new face junior models and families. August was an ideal time for scouting, as it coincided with the summer holidays, allowing them to hand out lots of scouting cards!

Want to join #TeamSRJ? CLICK HERE



This summer, we were fortunate to have the talented Daisy join us as a Booking Assistant. Currently pursuing her Acting degree at university, Daisy proved to be a natural fit for the role. Her time on the booking desk was brilliant, leaving a positive impact on both our team and the talent we work with.

As her summer stint comes to a close, it's no secret that everyone, from our colleagues to the talent, will miss her. However, we're excited to wish Daisy all the best in her final year at university. Good luck with your studies, Daisy!

Sandra Reynolds London Model Booker Daisy Kerry


We are always welcoming lots of new faces to the #SRJFamily, and we've already started thinking of all the exciting campaigns and opportunities that our new face talent for August & September will be a part of across our divisions. Make sure to look out for their work in the coming months and keep up to date with the new face models that we introduce on the blog!

Sandra Reynolds Juniors New Face Models



The SR booking desk has been bustling with activity over the past couple of months. During this time, we celebrated office birthday days for Model Bookers Jordan, Jemima, Poppy, and Maria, as well as for Booking Assistant Lily and Creative Assistant Bethany. We launched our new social series for Daisy & G "Spill the Tea", which explores a topic linked to the modelling industry each month, scroll up to read more about this new series! We also celebrated the England Lionesses as they headed into their first World Cup final. Although we will miss the sun, we are excited to head into autumn here at SR as that means lots of exciting Halloween and Christmas campaigns featuring our talent will be heading our way! So make sure to stay tuned to our blog and socials, where we share all of our recent work! 

Sandra Reynolds Model Agency London Staff Images


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written by Jessica Tracey

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