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Juniors Casting Tips!

written by
Georgia Butler


Kids Casting Tips

We've asked some of our juniors to share their best casting tips with you, watch the video below to get casting ready!




Here's some of the brilliant tips from our Junior models... 

Starting off with super-essential tips from Model Ellis "Remember to go to the loo before you go in and always speak clearly!"

Actor & Model Millie Jones tells us "When going to a casting you will need to talk to adults, try your hardest to be confident and not to be too shy. Make sure you're relaxed and are always on your best behaviour."

As well as being confident and professional, a brilliant tip from Jude is to..."Make sure you have lots and lots of fun at your castings." Zarian adds "Don't be nervous, don't be scared, and always have fun."

Brilliant model Erin smashes her castings, her top tips are "Casting directors don't want to see crazy hairstyles and accessories! Make sure you have clean, freshly washed hair for your castings." And whilst we're on the topic of hair, Toby tells us "Don't forget your hairbrush so you always look your best."

And finally... a tip from the lovely Elijah who says "Make sure you take a responsible adult, one that doesn't steal your snacks!!"


We hope this helps you with your next castings, make sure to be confident, smile lots, be yourself, and have fun! 

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written by Georgia Butler

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