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19 / 08 / 2020

The Families Edit

written by
Jessica Tracey

Today is all about families... if you're looking for a real model family, you've come to the right place. We're featuring some of our new faces and some firm favourites, or you can browse our complete family division here




The Campbell family are one of our newest additions to the SR family, we caught up with mum Annie to chat about their modelling experiences so far..."As a family, we did our first feature in an editorial two years ago. I was a stylist at the time, and the feature was about my career and my family. I have been modelling on and off for about 15 years. Bo and his father, I would say for the last two years."

What is your favourite thing about modelling as a family and your favourite job so far?
I really love spending time with my family, so enjoy working with them too. I love the authenticity of seeing the creative process and result with my family. I honestly can’t pick a favourite job, each job is unique and special in its own way. Every job is an opportunity to grow and work with amazing people. I love to see different creative concepts and be part of something artistic. It’s also great to have work you can always look back on and smile.

What is your favourite song you all love to sing along to? 
Bo is the most musically gifted in our family, so I love to hear him sing or make up songs. However, our favourite song to sing along to is 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' by Whitney Houston.

We absolutely love the Campbell family, and their creative flare definitely spills into every part of their life. We asked them what their hobbies and loves are, Annie tells us "Daddy works in film, he’s a director, videographer and editor. Mummy is a stylist, designer, presenter and loves cooking. Bo loves instruments, he plays the drums, the piano and tries at the guitar. As a family, we love water sports, camping, off-roading and gardening, we grow our own veg."

Take a look at their page here.



We also caught up with mum Sinead from the Gray family to chat all things modelling and family life! Sinead has been modelling since the age of 13, and Teagan and Arlo started joining her on shoots about 2 years ago now. Their first shoot as a family was when they shot our homepage on a Norfolk beach - the kids loved it so much they asked to do more!

What do you like most about modelling as a family?
Modelling together has been a really exciting way to experience new things and see new places - it’s more fun working together as a family than individually because every job is an adventure we can share.

What has been your favourite job so far?
It has to be the Greater Anglia TV commercial we worked on last year. It was two days filming, one day on the new train and a second day of CGI filming in a film studio in Ealing. The children got to ride a mechanical bull with wind blowing in their hair - in the final commercial, they will be riding through the fields on a hare’s back, so they can’t wait to see it. They were chuffed to work with the stunt coordinator from the Harry Potter films!

When you have proper quality family time, what's you go-to thing to do?
We are lucky enough to live by the sea and when the weather is warm, our favourite thing to do is to pack up our supper and take it down to the beach where we can watch the sunset, have evening swims and a picnic dinner.

The Gray family are definitely super creative, Sinead likes anything to do with art and design and always has several projects on the go, Teagan mostly has her head in a book but also creates amazing doll house interiors and Arlo loves science experiments and lighting fires with his magnifying glass! 

See their family page here.



And finally, the wonderful Green family... Jack has been modelling for around 10 years and Catherine for 5, they are now a family of 4 with their little boy and newborn baby girl! Catherine tells us their favourite thing about working together as a family is that family shoots are always lots of fun and they get to spend time together doing something they really enjoy.

What has been your favourite shoot so far as a family?
We really liked the job we did for Plum Products recently, we hung out and played in the garden all day!

If you could shoot for any brand or company, who would it be?
We'd love to do a shoot for a holiday company so we could go abroad and have a holiday together and do a really fun job too!

What's your favourite thing to do as a family when you're having quality time together?
We love to go to the beach, build sandcastles and paddle in the sea! Rafi loves collecting pebbles and shells at the beach.

What is your go-to song when you want to have a really good family sing along?
We love Shotgun by George Ezra or Reach by S Club 7 for a sing along together.

View their page here.


More families we love...



You'll probably recognise the lovely Sewell family as one of the stars of our new website homepage shoot. They're great fun to work with and there's always lots of smiles all round. They also have lots of talents between them including daughter Connie, and son Jack being trained in Tae Kwon Do! To see more, view their page here.



The Knight family always bring lots of energy and smiles to everything they do, we love their look and their awesome family chemistry! You can check out their page here.



Now a family of 5 with the arrival of now 1 year old Tia, the Salmon family are pro's when it comes to having lots of fun when working together and getting that beautiful shot too! View their profile here.

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written by Jessica Tracey

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