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13 / 03 / 2019

Taking a Look Back: Highlights Reel

written by
Tessa Dewing

Here at Sandra Reynolds Juniors we are very fortunate to work with a wide range of clients including some big brand names. Here are a few highlights from some of our favourite projects we've done.



Fujitsu - Believe in Yourself, Believe in Your Dreams


One of our junior superstars, Gracie Palmer, was featured in this fantastic Fujitsu Ad.

The advert was used to inspire young people to enjoy science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with the goal to get more youngsters interested in learning about careers in Fujitsu and the RAF.




Clarks - Wonder of Wisdom


Last year Clarks brought out a series of short films capturing the defining moments of wonder in childhood that influenced the life and works of notable individuals.

This film follows world-famous bassist, Chi-chi Nwanoku and takes us back in time to the defining moment that helped shape her career, which is played by our gorgeous Wildeve Urquhart.





This Barclays Ad featured one of our lovely families - The Rowley Family.

The Rowley Family had so much fun on this shoot for Barclays. We're not entirely sure it can be called 'work'.

The kids were able to spend the afternoon making homemade dens and chasing a lovely Labrador round the garden, and according to Mum & Dad weren't shy about getting their clothes muddy in the process.

All in the name of doing a good job of course!






Our brother and sister juniors - Millie & Toby Jones, had so much fun on set with LEGO. They spent their day playing, drawing and building with their bright, colourful LEGO bricks, which are sixty years old!

In celebrating sixty years of endless creativity and playful moments, they asked a group of children for advice on how and why we should stay creative and playful even when growing older. Check out what they said in the video below.





For any model bookings or enquiries please email [email protected] or call 0207 387 5858

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