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14 / 10 / 2020

New Faces: Here come the girls!

written by
Katie Barnes

We've had a busy couple of months recruiting new faces here at Sandra Reynolds Juniors! We cant wait to share with you some of the lovely girls we've met.


Meeting Na'kiya was truly a pleasure - and we absolutely LOVE her hair! Na'kia is little sporty star and loves to cycle, kick box and play rounders. We also found out that she is a cook/baker supreme. PS. Na'kia if you're reading this, the SRJ team loves cookies..



Isla is one of the most polite little girls we have had the pleasure of shooting with. Her sweet smile won us over immediately! Telling us how much she loved dancing we were SO impressed to find out that she does Jazz, Modern AND Street dance. If that wasn't enough Isla also does gymnastics and swimming - phew, we're exhausted just reading that!



Lily popped in to visit us in the SRJ office recently to get some photos taken and tell us all about her incredibly list of talents. Not only is Lily a whizz with accents (including Southern Irish, Australian and South African) but has a beautiufl singing voice, plays ukulele and dances! Actress supreme in the making we think..



Savannah definitely has a twinkle in her eye that we just could not ignore! Musical theatre, ballet and modern dance are some of her all time favourite hobbies. But again, the list does not stop there, Savannah is also an avid swimmer and gymnast. 



Little Imogen has got the cheekiest smile, we couldnt resist asking her to be part of the agency. We had so much fun twirling around on set in that beautiful floaty dress! 




We we're beyond excited to meet Olivia. Her mum Betsie is a model with us at Sandra Reynolds (you can take a look at her page here) so we we're so pleased to get to seem them both together. Olivia was a superstar on set and we just LOVED her wardrobe choices, especially that yellow dress. Olivia is also a brillinat dancer and gymnast!



Angelic feels like an appropriate word to describe Ellie, just look at those blonde flowing locks! In her spare time Ellie absolutely loves horse-riding. We also have another dancing queen in our midst - ballet, modern AND tap!



Last but certainly not least, we have Daisy! This little cutie was brilliant on set and we were all left wishing that that little gingham co-ord came in adult size..

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written by Katie Barnes

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