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01 / 12 / 2020

Meet the Family: The Stephens

written by
Katie Barnes

To kick off December we wanted to introduce you to one of the new families on our books, the Stephens! These lot are a bubbly and cheeky family with the boys forever playing pranks on mum. They have been modelling together as a family for a year now, their first job being a national print ad for Barclays Bank. 

Mum Amanda tells a little more....



What does 'a day in the life' of your family look like?

“There’s never a dull moment but every day is different. Sometimes it’s “normal” things like getting up and ready for school/work/nursery. On days where we have castings, it’s rushing home to get set up for zoom and making sure the boys look presentable!”


What are your top tips for families wanting to get into modelling?

“Make sure it’s something you enjoy, especially for the kids, because it can be quite a lot for them with castings and shoots. Also have fun!”


What hobbies do you have? 

“As a family we love museums. The Tate and The British Museum are our faves and we really miss visiting there since lockdown. We also love anything that is outdoors among nature.”



Tell us what you’ve been up to whilst in lockdown this year..

“Whilst in lockdown I have launched a podcast and learnt how to edit it myself. Tyler has started learning coding via zoom classes, Byron has actually started reading for fun and Nami, our youngest, just started saying words (I guess that’s a skill right?).” 

We reckon that counts!



Mum, Amanda, is a lifestyle blogger working in London. Her blog is an array of her passions and inspirations from everyday life. She shares all of her amazing adventures over on her Instagram account and we love spotting little Namiko and Tyler on there!  She says her boys keep her on her toes and help her stay young and her greatest lesson in life so far has been to be fearless. “This life is yours to create - NEVER STOP LEARNING!”"



How would you describe your family? 

“We like to laugh a lot. We are all very easy going and really enjoy spending time as a family.


Favourite job you've ever done as a family?

“This probably has to be our first ever job which was for Barclays, as we got to shoot it in the comfort of our home and ate pizza the entire time!”


Funniest or strangest experience as a model family?

“The strangest is definitely seeing our faces on billboards and buses all over the country.”



Anything else you'd like to share with us? 

“There’s nothing quite like working with your family. It can be frustrating at times but ultimately it’s great fun.”


We absolutely love these guys and can’t wait to see the amazing things they get up to in the future! 


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written by Katie Barnes

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