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13 / 10 / 2017

Fun Feature | petitePARADE

written by
Tessa Dewing


A monthly feature highlighting something for the kids in the worlds of fashion, photography and modelling.
This week: petitePARADE



The Designers: ImogaMillions of Colors,  and Baby CZ.


What Is It? - petitePARADE is a bi-annual fashion show focussing entirely on children! From toddlers to teens the New York based event has showcased the best fashion and the brightest young stars in the industry since 2010. When Is It? - This year's shows were in March and August, however the schedule can vary from year to year so it's worth signing up to their blog & social media channels if you're looking to keep your youngsters ahead of the sartorial curve. Why Do We Love It? - petitePARADE has risen pretty quickly to become an industry leader at both commercial and consumer levels, the show provides a genuinely cool alternative platform for the children's market and has taken important steps toward legitimising kids fashion in mainstream culture. In addition, petitePARADE has philanthropy at it's heart, regularly partnering with good causes like: Only Make Believe, K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers and The Juice Foundation to raise money and awareness, as well as putting on workshops at all their shows to help teach young attendees the importance of giving something back. Do We Have Something Similar In The UK? - While petitePARADE have gone from strength to strength over the first half of the decade, they've also lit a path from their NYC base which has been followed by companies this side of the pond. One of the most notable is Baby Bandits, a toddlers fashion brand with a difference who sponsor the now yearly 'Kids Fashion Runway' London's first professional runway show exclusively intended for designers of children's-wear. The show took place in Shoreditch this year and the Toni & Guy backed event is already gathering steam (and high profile sponsors) going into its 2018 edition.



The Designers: SarabandaBaby CZHitch-Hiker, and Aston Martin.


What Can I Get Excited About? - Although we're not too far along from the August '17 edition of petitePARADE there's still plenty going on and loads to look forward to. With the days getting colder as we dive deeper into Autumn it's officially time to abandon those summer threads for another year and crack open the Autumn Wardrobe Fund (everyone has one, right?) - and petitePARADE of course has it covered when it comes to what the kids are wearing this season. It's also always worth keeping an eye on the petitePARADE blog (as well as our own, obvs) to stay informed about what's hot, what's not and when the 2018 shows will be kicking off, after all the beauty of bi-monthly means we're never more than six months away from another round of shows! In terms of something a little closer to home the next edition of Kids Fashion Runway will be taking place in London in February 2018, we will of course be covering proceedings in our February/March newsletter and can't wait to see what the kids have in store for us going into the Spring! Finally, if you're still looking for more to get excited about we know it's considered a dirty word in October, but C*****mas is only round the corner and those winter coats aren't going to shop for themselves... See you in November! x

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