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16 / 03 / 2020

Behind The Scenes: With Bernie Massey

written by
Tessa Dewing


Today we're going behind the scenes of child modelling with the gorgeous Bernie Massey and mum Amreen! Bernie joined us here at Sandra Reynolds at the end of 2019, this year he has already been booked on two amazing shoots with HEAD Korea and Disney x Sports Direct. We caught up with mum Amreen to find out how their experience has been so far and to give us top baby modelling tips every parent should know!



"Before the shoots we practised a lot at home with smiling and saying cheese and trying to get Bernie to look at our camera in order for him to get the right shot."


TOP TIP -  It's all about the prep! Pack a bag with your baby's favourite things, i.e a teddy bear, toys, colour-in book etc... as well as some snacks and water, these will all come in handy!


Snacks are great incase they get hungry in-between outfit changes and also great for bribing too!


"On both shoot days we made sure we arrived early, to ensure he was familiar with his surroundings and comfortable.

It was an amazing experience, Bernie really enjoyed himself and was very comfortable throughout both shoots, he smiled and danced to the music in the background! (Tip for new baby model parents - take your child's favourite music with you, it instantly calms nerves!)

On both shoots the crew and other models were so child friendly, they kept Bernie entertained and played with him, he was so chilled he even fell asleep on one of the models at the end of the shoot!"



Amreen tell us Bernie loves being on the Sandra Reynolds Juniors team and can’t wait to get some more fun campaigns under his belt. He’s hoping he can work very hard and earn a few more teddies and flapjack snacks!


View Bernie's page here!


Sandra Reynolds Juniors is a UK based child modelling and acting agency. Successfully providing commercial babies, kids, teenagers and family models throughout London and the UK.

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